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Classical Music Poster 1989






Contributor Name Claire Looney
Contributor Image claire_3.jpg
Profession Arts Officer
Location Portsmouth Civic Offices
Collection Date 09.11.06
Artefact Name Classical Music Poster
Artefact Description In good condition. Advertising a series of classical music concerts (twelve in total) to take place in Portsmouth. Each concert had its own poster. Produced in A4 and double-crown size.
Artefact Date 1989
Artefact Stored Kept behind desk in Civic Offices
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Artefact Image 0035.jpg
Sample Taken Paper and elastic
Sample Image

History of Artefact This was one of the posters from a series made to promote classical music concerts in Portsmouth.
The design of the poster is typical of the time. Mark Raymond was commissioned as the publicist. It was sponsored by John Brown, IBM of Portsmouth.

Previous Owners Portsmouth City Council
Special Memories ' I remember the Russian orchestra when it came to Portsmouth. It was one of the best concerts I had ever heard. I especially remember that the orchestra had KGB protection.'
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