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Family Photograph Edwardian picture c.1900






Contributor Name Mrs Huish
Contributor Image mrs_huish2.jpg

Location Drayton
Collection Date 26.10.06
Artefact Name Family Photograph
Artefact Description Photograph of four children with her mother on the left. Also pictured are Alan, Winifred and baby Marjorie.
Sepia in colour. 12cm x 18cm.
Good condition.
Artefact Date Edwardian picture c.1900
Artefact Stored In drawer
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 0015.jpg
Sample Taken Piece from the back of photograph
Sample Image

History of Artefact Photograph portrays her naval family. Family were involved in Trinity House pilot and Royal Yacht destroyer. The family's original surname was 'Messum'.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners grandparents
Special Memories The photograph was acquired when her aunt (pictured right in the photo) died. It reminds her of Wallace Road in North End. 'My mum looks ever so young and sturdy!'
Artwork Image 0015-huish_photo.jpg



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