Recall film by Seran Kubisa Architectural Projections 13 October 2010

10 Oct 2010 - 13:23 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
You are warmly invited to attend the showing of Recall a film by Seran Kubisa at: Portsmouth Cathedral on Friday October 23rd at 6.30pm S t Thomas's Street, old Portsmouth, PO1 2HA Recall invokes, memories stored in fragments of aged objects collected and investigated by the artist. Kubisa uses a high tech scientific process to extract the artwork which then becomes an intrinsic part of the film reel and the trigger to the memory being re leased through stills, film scenes, film archives and sound. Recall this unique art film in which Kubisa collides the worlds of science, personal history and art to create startling visual images with reference to the film material her innovative investigations including: ' Treasure Island: A Forensic ... more...

Mike Bartlett Painting

10 Oct 2010 - 13:07 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Artist Mike Bartlett attended the opening of 'Treasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a City' an installation and projections at Portsmouth Cathedral in 2008. Mike who paints observations of exhibition settings and the viewers who view Fine Art produced this painting of viewers at my opening looking into the installation tombs 'Sacred Eight'. The painting is entitled:'I laid my self out, I was so tired I started to dream.In the morning the parking tickets were just like a flag stuck on my window screen' inspired by Seran Kubisa's City Forensic's Project and was on show in awopbopdowap at the Transition gallerry in east London in Dec 2008/Jan 2009 Mike Bartlett W.jpg: more...

The Royal Naval Museum & Lady Hamilton's Dress Hem

28 Jan 2010 - 17:57 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Richard Noyce curator of the Royal Naval museum showed me around the collection in the stores. The stores were shrouded in darkness and every drawer that was pulled out revealed a moment in time with each sighting of these unique artefacts giving me an understanding of some key historic events. It felt like all of history was locked inside there, it was a treasure trove. Richard helped to unlock this collection allowing me to intimately examine many artefacts dating back to 550 years of Naval history including HMS Invincible's shipwrecked cannons and barrels, HMS Victory sail, Captain Scotts expedition sledge, but the real gem for me was Lady Hamilton's dress hem embroidered in honor of Lord Nelson. The hem in silk and gold threads and sequins ... more...

D-Day Museum and Southsea Castle

06 Mar 2009 - 15:15 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
The investigation was both humbling and fascinating. Being able to be close to history through the museums collection of D Day uniforms, maps, provisions, sets and information was thought provoking and very touching. Dday changed many people s lives forever and of course changed history. Investigating this historic event was very interesting and made me feel closer to the event and understand the huge sacrifice of the D Day soldiers. Andrew Whitmarsh the D Days head historian knew his collection well and allowed me access to some very interesting artefacts including a survival pack with chocolate untouched! Another unusual contribution was a Nazi wooden sign with Minen (German for mines) painted on it, it was taken back as a souvenir from ... more...

BBC Film 'The Treasure Island Project'

05 Mar 2009 - 17:59 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Jon Cuthill from the BBC is making a documentary on Treasure Island: A Forensic investigation of a City. He has already been to visit me at my studio to film me giving an initial introduction to 'Treasure Island'. It took a while to get used to a camera being around, I don't think that I am the next Kate Winslet but miracles can happen! I felt a bit more comfortable by the end of the first session of filming maybe I could get into it!! Yesterday Jon came to film at Paulsgrove community center where my last community sampling session was taking place. He filmed myself with the 'Treasure Island' team; Sally Taylor assistant, Paul Everitt photographer and on loan from Portsmouth City Museum John Stedman. Jon followed a contribution session through ... more...

'Treasure Islands' Opening Public Session

05 Mar 2009 - 15:36 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Treasure Islands opening to the start of a city wide search for treasures began at Portsmouth City Museum in October 2007. This was the start of a year long investigation. This two day session was open for the Public with some further contributions from the museum itself. I met for the first time the museums historians John Stedman and Kirsty Ball. Their knowledge about the sessions investigated artefacts was vital for Treasure Islands archives. To have expert knowledge was also appreciated by the Public who came in, all eager to find out more! Kirsty got into the swing of the investigation by digging out treasures from the museums own collection, one of them being Tricorn dust saved from the Tricorn demolition in 2004. The Tricorn was one ... more...

African Women's Forum - September 2008

18 Feb 2009 - 22:19 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
This was an interesting investigation with artefacts brought in whose origins were not from Portsmouth but far away lands of Africa. Each treasure had a fascinating story. One that I will remember is the material worn in their country nationally, its pattern had meaning, the colour and shapes were a story woven into its very fabric this can be seen on the Kente clothe contributed archive no:00168. Sally and I set the investigation up in a room on loan from Portsmouth Grammar School, where the Africans Women's Forum also meet for their monthly meetings. The artefact's contributions included sculptures, clothes and even modeled by one lady was the Ethiopian National dress, she looked stunning. The women's stories lifted me to places that I had ... more...

The Mary Rose

18 Nov 2008 - 21:20 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
Treasure Islands investigation at the Mary Rose was a real privilege and a momentous day. Having access and being able to archive and collect samples from one of the most stunning shipwrecks in Brtain has definitely been one of Treasure Islands highlghts. Andy Elkerton was a brilliant host showing and revealing artefacts from the museum and store that I never knew existed or could be made at that time in history. I will always remember The Mary Rose collection for its magnitude of artefacts preserved perfectly under mud, at a moment in history as if time stood still. I will also remember upon seeing this vast collection the personal emotion that observing this had on myself especially when viewing the shoes! Seeing all the artefacts helped reveal ... more...

Chinese Community at Friendship house - Southsea December 07

19 Sep 2008 - 14:36 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
I interrupted the groups regular meeting where they play games Mahjong, read Chinese papers, keep fit and smile a lot! The youngest member was in their 70's and quite a few in their 90's with areal sense of wisdom. This investigation was very special, re living stories and experiences from across the continent took me and theinvestigation to lands far away. Discovered were very treasured and carefully looked after artefacts which had often been well traveled. Each artefact had many significant associated stories, a fascinating group of people. Having come to live with their families in Britain later on in life, picking up English had been a struggle, An interpreter helped with the translations. This gave room for communication withface and eyes ... more...

Pompey FC 'Lucky Black Cat' 3rd April 2008

07 May 2008 - 20:23 by Seran Kubisa in Announcements
The investigation has now made good ground at Pompey Football Club! Many of the clubs artefacts were photographed, histories recorded and archives created for Treasure Island with club historian Richard Owen. The collection spans a 100 years of the clubs existence. Richard s knowledge of the clubs football history was supreme, he had dates and exact goals scored for each of Pompeys historic football events, all at hand in his mind when needed! John Stedman historian from the Portsmouth City Museum also popped in, bringing in some memorabilia that they own from their collection, for the clubs evening event; its 110th anniversary celebrations. John now a veteran to my project, having been on many other of my investigations across the City, knew ... more...

The Hunt is on for Portsmouth's hidden treasure

20 Nov 2007 - 13:34 by Memories in Announcements
If you think you've got some interesting items tucked away, why not bring them along to the City Museum on Saturday 6 or Sunday 7 October between 10am and 4pm to take part in this unique arts project. If you think you've got some interesting items tucked away, why not bring them along to the City Museum on Saturday 6 or Sunday 7 October between 10am and 4pm to take part in this unique arts project. Treasure Island is a citywide public arts initiative where artist Seran Kubisa's investigation involves searching for hidden treasures within the city's communities and organisations. A fibre from your personal object or item will be collected and some may be chosen for scientific analysis. All collected fibres, data, photographed items; associated ... more...
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Treasure Island Projections - 19th and 20th January 2007

20 Nov 2007 - 13:30 by Memories in Announcements
Portsmouth City Centre Friday 19th January 2007 Stanhope Road ( hl en q Stanhope Road portsmouth sll 37.0625, 95.677068 sspn 34.396866,81.738281 ie UTF8 om 1 z 16 ll 50.799954, 1.092474 spn 0.0067,0.026994 iwloc addr View Map) Saturday 20th January 2007 Arundel Street ( hl en q Arundel Street portsmouth sll 50.799954, 1.092474 sspn 0.0067,0.026994 ie UTF8 z 15 ll 50.8007, 1.084127 spn 0.013399,0.053988 om 1 iwloc addr View Map) Official opening Saturday 20th at 6 00pm outside the British Heart Foundation shop Arundel Street The projections are part of a treasure trail of Public Art made possible by the Arts Council Arts Development Award 07 with host organisation Portsmouth City Council. Come and meet the artist and become part of the ... more...

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