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Little Collins Dictionary 1950s

Contributor Name Lucille Rogers
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Location Drayton
Collection Date 26.10.06
Artefact Name Little Collins Dictionary
Artefact Description Publishers 'Loris Peterson'. New Gem dictionary.
Artefact Date 1950s
Artefact Stored Living room
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Sample Taken Paper from the inside page
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History of Artefact It was a Christmas present to her husband when he was a child. She met her husband in Trinidad where he was in dock from his navy ship in 1968.
She moved to Portsmouth to be with him, after they were married.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Husband
Special Memories 'I lived in Copnor which was a big cultural shock for me. First of all it was cold and the food was very different but I made lots of new friends which helped and they gave me new English recipes.'
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