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Christmas Carols Music Sheet c. 1950






Contributor Name John Baker
Contributor Image mr_Baker_23.jpg

Location Drayton
Collection Date 26.10.06
Artefact Name Christmas Carols Music Sheet
Artefact Description A4 size, with fifteen pages including fifteen carols. Good condition. Colour of paper is red and green. It has a leafy pattern on the cover.
Artefact Date c. 1950
Artefact Stored Bookcase
Artefact Form 0023_christmas_carol_sheet_music.jpg
Artefact Image 0023.jpg
Sample Taken Pin
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History of Artefact Contains some unknown carols which were popular at the time. The first date of publishing was 1935. The sheet music is still used to this day.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Milton club local choir
Special Memories The carols have special meaning as they enable him to re-live the good memories he has of being a six year old choir boy. It also reminds him of living in a rural setting, performing carol concerts outdoors.
Artwork Image 0023-carol_sheet_pin.jpg

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