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Charles Dickens Book (First Edition) 1892






Contributor Name Professor Pointen
Contributor Image professor_pointen.jpg
Profession Physicist
Location Drayton
Collection Date 28.10.06
Artefact Name Charles Dickens Book (First Edition)
Artefact Description 'The Pickwick Papers' First Edition. Poor condition.
Artefact Date 1892
Artefact Stored On shelf
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Artefact Image 0024.jpg
Sample Taken Piece of the binding
Sample Image

History of Artefact Found in Nottingham and bought as a present for his wife. He paid 4/6 pence for it which would equal 22 1/2 pence in today's money. Illustrations and drawings were done by Fiss and Boz.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners unknown
Special Memories 'It is a treasure of sentimental memories as my wife loved Dickens first and now I do'.
Professor Pointen read aloud pages 62-64 at the investigation.
The book has been read by Professor Pointen to thousands of children over the years, in the Dickens museum, on The Warrior and in schools. 'I love Dickens because he had a great sense of humour. He has clarity in his writing and a brilliance of descriptions, and lots of fun. The book is a treasure for me.'
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