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The Illustrated London News Jan 25th 1936





Contributor Name Catherine Smith
Contributor Image Catherine_Smith_pic.jpg

Location Old Portsmouth
Collection Date 28.10.06
Artefact Name The Illustrated London News
Artefact Description Special edition newspaper with title 'The Death of King George V'. In colour.
Good condition.
Artefact Date Jan 25th 1936
Artefact Stored Top of wardrobe in bedroom
Artefact Form 0027-_news_george_fith.jpg
Artefact Image 0027.jpg
Sample Taken Paper
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History of Artefact The newspaper contains a special article about the life of King George V's son, Edward VIII. Kept in grandparents house which was full of books and newspapers. It was bought by her grandfather.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Grandparents
Special Memories Reminds her of childhood. Catherine read this newspaper as a child which intrigued her enough to become a historian!
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