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Shell c. 2000






Contributor Name Claire Rees
Contributor Image Claire_new_pic.jpg

Location Cosham
Collection Date 09.11.06
Artefact Name Shell
Artefact Description It's a small, yellow hermit crab. 0.8cm wide.
Artefact Date c. 2000
Artefact Stored Purse
Artefact Form 0028-form.jpg
Artefact Image 0028.jpg
Sample Taken Shell
Sample Image

History of Artefact From Brittany beach - Le Guilvenic - in France. It was from a sandy shelf bay which stretches to the West of the small town.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Hermit crab
Special Memories Reminds her of her fantastic family holiday.
'I went hunting for shells and pebbles with my daughter as well as swimming in the sea. I love France and would consider re-locating there.'
Artwork Image 0028-shell.jpg


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