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Confetti c. 2000






Contributor Name Claire Rees
Contributor Image Claire_new_pic.jpg

Location Cosham
Collection Date 09.11.06
Artefact Name Confetti
Artefact Description Wedding confetti - red, white and blue. In different shapes - a flower, a bell and another. Made of tissue.
Good condition.
Artefact Date c. 2000
Artefact Stored Purse
Artefact Form 0029-form.jpg
Artefact Image 0029.jpg
Sample Taken One blue, one red, one white piece
Sample Image

History of Artefact Thrown by a good friend on her wedding day. The wedding was held at St Andrew's church in Farlington.
It was thrown at Victoria Park where the photos were taken.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Good friend
Special Memories 'It was the most special day of my life. I hide the confetti in my purse, so I can come across it and find it by surprise. It was a beautiful day.'
Artwork Image 0029-confetti_a.jpg



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