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Beaded Bag 1956






Contributor Name Faye Bradley
Contributor Image Faye_pic.jpg
Profession Arts Officer
Location Southsea
Collection Date 09.11.06
Artefact Name Beaded Bag
Artefact Description Draw string with small plastic beads, some with a floral design. It has white, nylon tassels on the bottom. Relatively good condition. Some beads are missing.
Artefact Date 1956
Artefact Stored Bedroom
Artefact Form 0033-form.jpg
Artefact Image 0033.jpg
Sample Taken Piece of tassel
Sample Image

History of Artefact Her grandma used it as a young lady. It was used when attending parties or evening events. She gave it to me ten years ago. She lived in Portsmouth when she was a little girl. During the war she was sent to Andover for four or five years.

Previous Owners Grandma
Special Memories 'It reminds me of grandma's house and searching through wardrobes when I was a little girl. There were lots of shoes, hats, jewellery and special treasures that I used to find. When I use the bag, it returns me to me childhood - a warm and safe feeling. It always reminds me of my grandma as well. I use the bag occasionally as it's very delicate.'
Artwork Image 0033-beaded_bag.jpg


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