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The Yellow Book c. 1894






Contributor Name Angela Hicken
Contributor Image hicken_2.jpg
Profession Librarian
Location Portsmouth Central Library
Collection Date 09.11.06
Artefact Name The Yellow Book
Artefact Description This was the First volume ever made - April 1894. An Illustration quartley.
Yellow illustrated cover. 25cm x 18cm approximately. Good condition.
Artefact Date c. 1894
Artefact Stored Civic building
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Artefact Image 0034.jpg
Sample Taken Paper from cover
Sample Image

History of Artefact A publication to showcase new writers and artists from the period. It was a quarterly publication. It included beautiful pieces of art of the time, celebrity writing and other artforms including Surrealist poems.
It was a controversial publication at the time - full of contemporary ideas. The esatblishment did not agree with these new ideas.
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Reference Department Library (accquired in 1960's)
Special Memories 'I was particularly excited to find this book in the basement of the Civic Building in 2001 as it's the same edition that Oscar Wilde was, allegedly, holding
when he was arrested! As the Yellow Book was so controversial at the time, it was another weapon for Aubrey Beardsley to help ruin his career!'
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