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Box of Matches 2004






Contributor Name Michael Bartlett
Contributor Image Michael_Bartlett_00040.jpg
Profession Artist
Location Somerstown
Collection Date 06.10.07 11.55am
Artefact Name Box of Matches
Artefact Description Very good condition.
Cardboard matchbox with matches included. Box decorated with cowboys - the image is taken from a Western.
Artefact Date 2004
Artefact Stored Michael's studio on window-sill.
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Box_of_matches_00040.jpg
Sample Taken Matchstick
Sample Image

History of Artefact Michael was in Hoxton Sqaure, London visiting the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the White Cube gallery with friends (Fleur and Liz). Michael made a painting of his friends leaning on an Anthony Gormley sculpture as a result of this encounter.
Historian Katy Ball
Previous Owners

Special Memories 'Fleur gave them as a present to me at the time.They were bought from Hoxton Square bar and kitchen.'
Artwork Image Archive_00040_art.jpg

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