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Nomadic Tribe Travelling Bag c.1850






Contributor Name Mr David Davis
Contributor Image David_Davis_pic.jpg

Location Buckland
Collection Date 07.10.07 11.07am
Artefact Name Nomadic Tribe Travelling Bag
Artefact Description Good condition. From Near East Central Asia.
Made of wool. Geometric pattern. Tassels.
30 x 28cm approx.
Artefact Date c.1850
Artefact Stored At home in Buckland
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Travel_bag_00048.jpg
Sample Taken Thread from tassel
Sample Image

History of Artefact In the C19th some tribes would start their travels in Iran and end up in Mongolia.

Historian - 'Dyes set in urine. Carpet technique on the front and flat weave, kalim on back. Possible camel hair. Wool from sheep or goat. Vegetable dyes. Could hang on tent and contain small objects such as personal documents that would be easily accessible. '
Historian Rosalinda Hardiman
Previous Owners Mr Davis's brother S.H.O Davis
Special Memories 'My brother was bankrupt when he bought it and borrowed the money from our mother. It was bought from Nesbit's auctioneers in Southsea.'
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