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Chinese Fan 1955






Contributor Name Chan Siu
Contributor Image Archive_no_00057_-_portrait.jpg

Location Friendship House, Southsea
Collection Date 04.12.07 2.30pm
Artefact Name Chinese Fan
Artefact Description Good condition. Factory formed wood with printed flowers on top. Sandalwood fragrance.
Artefact Date 1955
Artefact Stored In a little drawer in her room, Friendhip House, Southsea
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Fan_right_size_image.jpg
Sample Taken fibre from cord
Sample Image

History of Artefact When she was a teenager she travelled from Shanghai to Hong Kong, she met a lady (a teacher seamstress) who accepted her to work in a factory in Hong Kong and gave her this fan as a present to welcome her. Her job involved making Chinese costumes (all aspects of a costume). Shanghai is renowned for its dressmaking / costumes.

Previous Owners None
Special Memories She loves using the fan because of the beautiful fragrance that comes from it. Always used when the weather is hot.
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