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Cotton Bale 1972






Contributor Name Chan Siu
Contributor Image Portrait_with_cotton_bale.jpg

Location Friendship House, Elm Grove, Southsea
Collection Date 04.12.07 2.44pm
Artefact Name Cotton Bale
Artefact Description Contains cotton. Bale like structure with iron binding. Very securely packed. Cardboard tag with ‘Souvenir, Cotton Bale from Georgia.’
8 x 3cm from Georgia but bought in China.
Artefact Date 1972
Artefact Stored Kept in a drawer in her bedroom, Friendship House, Southsea
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Cotton_Bale_right_size_image.jpg
Sample Taken Fibre from the outside of bale
Sample Image

History of Artefact Bought in Chinese souvenir shop (could have been political; to promote America and its ethical production of cotton?). Bought by a friend and the gift was presented when visiting Siu in England.

Previous Owners None
Special Memories Good example to show her children the kind of material that is used to make blankets – she educates her children by telling them this.
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