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Chinese / English Dictionary 1904






Contributor Name Bonnie Kwok
Contributor Image Archive_No_00059_-_portrait.jpg

Location Friendship House, Southsea
Collection Date 04.12.07 3.05pm
Artefact Name Chinese / English Dictionary
Artefact Description Well used – some pages are falling out. Aging in colour – some pages have dark brown edges.
Fair condition.
18 x 14cm
Artefact Date 1904
Artefact Stored In sideboard drawer, Friendship House, Southsea
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Chinese_Dictionary_right_size_image.jpg
Sample Taken Small piece of paper from inside
Sample Image

History of Artefact It belonged to her father. He gave it to her and said ‘don’t lose it!’ He went to Singapore to be educated. She is from South China, immigrated to Hong Kong, then to England in 1945.

Previous Owners Her father
Special Memories She uses this dictionary in England to learn Chinese to correspond home. It reminds her of her father and how he used it. It's still being used a hundred years on!
Artwork Image Resize_Wizard-1_-_00059_dictionary.jpg


-- Joyce Rimell - 05 Mar 2009

What an interesting story, how amazing that the dictionary has been used for a 100 years!!. The artwork created is fascinating, looks a bit like an eye!

-- Joyce Rimell - 05 Mar 2009


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