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Sledge - Captain Scott’s Antarctic Expedition 1910






Contributor Name Royal Naval Museum
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Location HM Naval Base (Dockyard)
Collection Date 30.01.08 12.23pm
Artefact Name Sledge - Captain Scott’s Antarctic Expedition
Artefact Description Museum Ref No. 1633
Good condition. Wooden sledge, with rope and planking on the top.
Runners are also made of wood. Leather straps.
Artefact Date 1910
Artefact Stored Dedicated store
Artefact Form

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Sample Taken

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History of Artefact Used by petty officer T.S Williamson who was on the expedition with Captain Scott. He was one of the first people to find Captain Scott’s body in the tent. The sledge was presented to HMS Vernon in 1913. When HMS Vernon closed (1987) the sledge was passed on to the museum.
Used for 3yrs.
Historian Richard Noyce
Previous Owners Petty Officer T.S Williamson and HMS Vernon
Special Memories

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