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Gunpowder Barrel 1758






Contributor Name Royal Naval Museum
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Location HM Naval Base (Dockyard)
Collection Date 30.01.08 2pm
Artefact Name Gunpowder Barrel
Artefact Description Museum Ref. No. 1996/10(1/2)
Good condition, some flaking. Itís been preserved. Made of wood. Bindings are made of a flexible wood. Still got traces of gunpowder inside.
Artefact Date 1758
Artefact Stored Dedicated store
Artefact Form

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Sample Taken

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History of Artefact It was on HMS Invincible. Originally this ship was captured from the French on the 3 May 1747. This ship was wrecked on 19 Feb 1758 near St Helens, off the Isle of Wight.
John M Bingeman was the diver to recover the wreck and he also brought up various other artefacts between 1979-1990.
Historian Richard Noyce
Previous Owners Bought at auction (DM Nesbitt, Southsea) in 1996.
Special Memories Itís quite rare for an item like this to survive.
There are no metal bindings because of the risk of sparking and explosions. It's 250 yrs old!
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