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‘Buster’ Crabb's Medals 1945





Contributor Name Royal Naval Museum
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Location HM Naval Base (Dockyard)
Collection Date 30.01.08 3.37pm
Artefact Name ‘Buster’ Crabb's Medals
Artefact Description Good condition.
Medals include: OBE, George medal, 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Star, Italy Star, Defence medal, War medal 1939-45 (7 medals in total).
Artefact Date 1945
Artefact Stored Dedicated store
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00068_Buster_medals.jpg
Sample Taken Small thread from fabric
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History of Artefact Crabb was very famous for going missing while on a spying mission in the 1950's in Portsmouth Harbour during the Cold War, ever since, this has caused lots of controversy and speculation as to what actually happened. Portsmouth had a visit from the Russian president, ships were moored in Portsmouth Harbour. Crabb had left the navy, many people thought he was working for MI5/6. He booked into the Sally Port Hotel in Old Portsmouth and this was the last time he was seen alive. People suspect that he went diving off Portsmouth Harbour with a colleague and the Russians accused him of spying on the hull of their ships and diving underneath to see the design of the underside / propellers etc... This was denied by the British initially. Some people say he was killed by the Russians. A body was washed up several months later in Chichester Harbour, wearing the same diving suit, however the man’s head and hands had been removed. The body was officially identified as Crabb but his mother and friends did not believe it to be him. To this day nobody knows what actually happened.
Historian Richard Noyce
Previous Owners Crabb. Donated by Reverend Walsh
Special Memories

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