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Stone Pillar 1185




Contributor Name Portsmouth Cathedral
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Location Old Portsmouth
Collection Date 20.02.08 3.48pm
Artefact Name Stone Pillar
Artefact Description Stone pillar from the oldest part of the interior of the building - St Thomas's Chapel.
Grey stone. Crumbling in places.
Artefact Date 1185
Artefact Stored St Thomas’s Chapel
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Stone_Pillar.jpg
Sample Taken Small piece of stone from top of left pillar
Sample Image

History of Artefact St Thomas's Chapel is the oldest building in the city still being used for its original purpose.
Stone could come from France (Caen) – or limestone from the Isle of Wight.
Historian John Stedman
Previous Owners None
Special Memories

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