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High Altar Angels 1935




Contributor Name Portsmouth Cathedral
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Location Old Portsmouth
Collection Date 20.02.08 11.42am
Artefact Name High Altar Angels
Artefact Description Good condition. Wooden, carved and painted with gold-leaf. Including metal candle holders. The angels are taken from the riddel posts of the High Altar.
Artefact Date 1935
Artefact Stored South-west Tower
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Angels_2.jpg
Sample Taken Wood from underneath
Sample Image

History of Artefact Used from 1935 (approx.) to the 1980's. Lit almost certainly every Sunday. Charles Nicholson was the architect at the time he would have been responsible for the design.
Historian John Friars
Previous Owners No previous owners made for this Cathedral.
Special Memories The angels have been stored in the boiler-house since 1980's they will now be part of the Cathedral archive room.
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