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Cathedral Maquette 1937




Contributor Name Portsmouth Cathedral
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Location Old Portsmouth
Collection Date 20.02.08 11.50am
Artefact Name Cathedral Maquette
Artefact Description Poor condition. The maquette is made out of plaster and card. Painted.
Artefact Date 1937
Artefact Stored South-west Tower
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00076_model.jpg
Sample Taken Painted card from side
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History of Artefact Charles Nicholson (architect) produced the model. The design was made for completion of the Cathedral. The design didnít go ahead in the end. The Cathedral was a parish church until 1927 when the diocese of Portsmouth was carved out of the diocese of Winchester. It was agreed that St Thomasís would become the Cathedral. Charles Nicholson was appointed as the architect to build the Cathedral. He built three bays of the nave. When war broke out in 1939 they ran out of money so temporary red brick walls were made at the west end of the building Ė these were there until 1988. It took two years to complete from 1989. The current architect is Michael Durey.
Historian John Friars
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