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Book of Common Prayer 1740




Contributor Name Portsmouth Cathedral
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Location Old Portsmouth
Collection Date 20.02.08 12.09pm
Artefact Name Book of Common Prayer
Artefact Description Paper and card cover. In poor condition. Binding (made of rope) exposed. Spine is missing. Brown and yellow in colour.
Size - 36.5 x 24 x 9cm
Artefact Date 1740
Artefact Stored South-west Tower
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Prayer_Book.jpg
Sample Taken Small piece of binding, paper with text, card from the cover
Sample Image

History of Artefact It would have been used in the parish church. It must contain thousands of prayers, services, psalms. Everyone (those who were wealthy enough!) would have had their own copy at one time.
Text is printed.
Historian John Friars
Previous Owners Unknown
Special Memories

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