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Victorian Lace 1890s





Contributor Name Audrey Whitehead
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Location Southsea
Collection Date 20.02.08 10.27am
Artefact Name Victorian Lace
Artefact Description Good condition, some yellowing. Fine cotton. Hand-Crocheted.
Artefact Date 1890s
Artefact Stored Being re-made at the moment into the Credence Cloth in Mayles Road.
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Lace_2.jpg
Sample Taken Thread from bottom of design.
Sample Image

History of Artefact It belonged to Audrey’s grandma. She made it when she was a teenager. It’s an intricate pattern which she learnt while watching her mother. Two pieces were made - this piece is on the Credence table at Portsmouth Cathedral, the other piece is at Dulwich Church. Traditional fine cotton for crochet.
Historian Katy Ball
Previous Owners Grandma (Susan Nye nee. Gardner) and mother (Rose Nye).
Special Memories ‘It really reminds me of my mother and I was thrilled to receive it. It makes me think about who I can give my precious artefacts to - my family have no room for them.’
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