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Photograph 1880s






Contributor Name Eva Sonnen
Contributor Image No_00088-9_Eva_Sonnen.jpg

Location Fratton
Collection Date 22.02.08 9.55am
Artefact Name Photograph
Artefact Description Good condition, but image starting to fade. Sepia coloured. Made of card.
Artefact Date 1880s
Artefact Stored In a carrier bag in front room
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Evas_grandmother.jpg
Sample Taken Tiny sample of paper from the corner of the back of picture
Sample Image

History of Artefact Photograph of Eva’s grandmother. Taken at ‘G. West and Sons, Artists and Photographers’.

'The dress is Victorian. She is in her formal visiting costume. It will have been taken in a photographic studio. It became very popular to have photographs taken like this at this time. ' Historian
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Eva’s mother
Special Memories ‘I don’t remember my grandmother. It makes me think of my mother who I was very close to. I have been living in my house since I was nine years old.’
Artwork Image Resize_Wizard-1_00088.jpg

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