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Night-Dress 1944






Contributor Name Dot Coley
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Location Fratton
Collection Date 22.02.08 10.20am
Artefact Name Night-Dress
Artefact Description White polyester, pink ribbon around the neck. Lace trimmings, short sleeves. Very pretty.
Artefact Date 1944
Artefact Stored In drawer in bedroom
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Nightie_Right_size_image.jpg
Sample Taken Thread from inside the neck of the nightdress.
Sample Image

History of Artefact Worn on wedding night, 10 April 1944. Not been worn since.

'The Buzz bombs (WWII) were fired across the Channel and they landed in random places. The worst bombing took place in 1941. Buzz bombs were remote controlled and not manned.' Historian
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners None
Special Memories 'Looking at this night-dress it reminds me of all that happened in 1944. One night we had to go to the air-raid shelter in Stamshaw (Stanley Road). In the June of 1944 the house was bombed and there was a picture of our bedroom in the Evening News showing the bomb damage. This was the last Buzz bomb to hit Portsmouth. '
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