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Tapestry 1916






Contributor Name Doreen Featherstone
Contributor Image No_00091_Doreen_Featherstone.jpg

Location Southsea
Collection Date 22.02.08 10.40am
Artefact Name Tapestry
Artefact Description Wool and embroidery threads (silk) on Hessian. Bold colours. Good condition.
Artefact Date 1916
Artefact Stored In a drawer in the hallway
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Tapestry_2.jpg
Sample Taken Sample of Hessian, wool, silk thread
Sample Image

History of Artefact Her father was injured in the First World War. He made this tapestry while at Queen Alexandra hospital (it was originally a military hospital) in 1916. He was in the trenches and very badly injured (a shell went right through his intestines and his back) in 1914.

Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Father
Special Memories ‘Soldiers were badly treated on their return and every couple of months we would have to go to St Mary’s hospital to justify the small pension he was receiving.
It always brings sadness when I see it.’
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