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Property Deeds 1879






Contributor Name George Brading
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Location Eastney
Collection Date 22.02.08 11.36am
Artefact Name Property Deeds
Artefact Description Bundle of property deeds. Paper. Wax seals.
Very good condition.
Artefact Date 1879
Artefact Stored Upstairs in wardrobe
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Deeds_00094.jpg
Sample Taken Paper from back of 1846 document and map. Paper from 1879.
Sample Image

History of Artefact Relating to 103 Eastney Road and adjacent properties (Lumps Lane – a mud track to Eastney Barracks, Fort Cumberland Terrace, Eastney Road). Houses on Eastney Road had three or four bedrooms with three rooms downstairs and a scullery at the back.

'Looking at maps of how the city developed – you can see that houses were being built towards the east of the island.'Historian
Historian Catherine Smith
Previous Owners Mother / brother
Special Memories Memories of how the city has developed - Bransbury Park used to be Bransbury Farm and Goldsmiths Avenue used to Goldsmith’s Farm.
‘I’ve hardly moved from the area. They remind me of my brother and mother.’
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