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Four Postcards 1908






Contributor Name Marjorie Burton
Contributor Image No_00095-6_Marjorie.jpg

Location Cosham
Collection Date 22.02.08 1.16pm
Artefact Name Four Postcards
Artefact Description Three of the postcards have photographs on the front. Two photos of a Blacksmith on site. One photograph of family. One of ‘The Old Smithy’ Milton (Portsmouth is written on the front) – it has glitter and some colour – it is also a Christmas card.
Artefact Date 1908
Artefact Stored Kept in my sitting room in a bureau
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Smithy_Postcard.jpg
Sample Taken Bit of paper from the corner of ‘The Old Smithy’ postcard.
Sample Image

History of Artefact William Kingswell was the Blacksmith in the photograph. Photograph with the doorway and the Blacksmith includes Marjorie’s father. The photograph of ‘The Old Smithy’ is how Milton used to be.
The family photograph includes three of her aunts, and uncles, two cousins and her mother is the bride.

Previous Owners Mother
Special Memories ‘I didn’t know most of the people included in the photograph. I was born two years after the photograph was taken. It makes me think of my mother who I was close to, I wasn’t fond of my father because he was strict.’
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