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Cotton Tablecloth 1900






Contributor Name Kath Jones
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Location Southsea
Collection Date 13.03.08 1.37pm
Artefact Name Cotton Tablecloth
Artefact Description Cotton. White, embroidered floral design.
Well used.
Artefact Date 1900
Artefact Stored Kept in plastic bag in cupboard in my hallway
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Tablecloth_2.jpg
Sample Taken

Sample Image

History of Artefact ‘It belonged to my grandmother, she died in 1937. It was always on the table and the doctor and matron from the hospital used to come for afternoon tea. She lived in Bournemouth.’
It has been repaired by hand.
All of the floral motif has been embroidered by hand. Edging made by machine.
Historian John Stedman
Previous Owners Grandmother - Jane Pletts
Special Memories ‘It reminds me of my grandmother. It makes me feel closer to her, she more or less brought me up.'
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