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HMS Victory Rivet 1752





Contributor Name Barbara Stevens
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Location North End
Collection Date 13.03.08 2.20pm
Artefact Name HMS Victory Rivet
Artefact Description Made of Copper. It has now been turned into a paperweight. Motif of three leaves has been carved into the rivet. Good condition. It has been polished. Very heavy. The rivet has a broad arrow stamp.
Artefact Date 1752
Artefact Stored On window ledge in the dining room
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Paper_weight_-_No_110.jpg
Sample Taken No sample
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History of Artefact ‘My husband worked in the dockyard as a welder. His friend polished it up and turned it into a paperweight.’ The date has been inscribed through the object – like the words through a stick of rock. The rivet has a broad arrow stamp - the government had all objects inscribed with this symbol to show it was their property.

Historian - 'The motif has been carved into the object. HMS Victory was a wooden ship and the bottom of the hull would be covered with thin sheets of copper to prevent the growth of weed, barnacles etc…When they first did this the metal nails and bolts that held the ships together rusted very quickly – this was because of the chemical reaction between the copper and the metal nails - so they had to start using copper nails.
People kept bits of it as souvenirs.'
Historian John Stedman
Previous Owners Royal Navy. Tom Slight (dockie).
Special Memories ‘People would keep bits as souvenirs and turn them into different objects.’
‘All the rivets taken off the Victory were thrown into a big bin – some of my friends (dockies) kept hold of bits.’
‘The man who made it (Tom Slight) lives on Powerscourt Road. It reminds me of my husband bringing it home.’
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