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Diary 1940






Contributor Name Kevin Roach
Contributor Image Kevin_Roach_-_with_diary_pic.jpg

Location Wymering
Collection Date 13.03.08 15.59pm
Artefact Name Diary
Artefact Description WWII diary written by John Roach from 1940.
Poor condition. Green canvas jacket. 9 x 6cm
Most pages have been completed with notes / observations about the war. Size and character typical of the time.
Artefact Date 1940
Artefact Stored In bedroom drawer
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Diary_-_No_115.jpg
Sample Taken In bedroom drawer
Sample Image

History of Artefact The diary was started in 1940. His father's adventures in Egypt are listed. The diary is very worn as if it had been carried around with him. He was a wireless operator. It records his first time in Egypt and his feelings of leaving England.
Xmas day, the less said the better! On guard, no beer. Worst Xmas as yet.
Historian John Stedman
Previous Owners John Roach
Special Memories I now know more about my own personal history. I also feel that I know more about my dads life and his experiences in the Second World War.
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