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Asia Trophy 2007





Contributor Name Portsmouth Football Club
Contributor Image richard_owen_web.jpg

Location Fratton
Collection Date 03.04.08 15.15pm
Artefact Name Asia Trophy
Artefact Description Made of silver. Bowl on stand. Gold link between bowl and stand. Silver and black (plastic) base.
50cm tall approx. ‘Barclays Asia Trophy’ inscribed. Motif of lion also engraved on front. Ten ribbons attached with staples to each handle.
Artefact Date 2007
Artefact Stored Trophy cabinet at PFC
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 000117_-_trophy_with_ribbons.jpg
Sample Taken Thread from blue ribbon on right side
Sample Image

History of Artefact Four selected Premier League clubs entered the Asia Trophy, they played at large, prestigious grounds in Hong Kong. The clubs in the tournament were Liverpool, Portsmouth, Fulham and one other. Portsmouth beat Liverpool and Fulham to win the trophy. Used as a pre-season tournament to get players fit.
Historian Richard Owen
Previous Owners None
Special Memories 'Portsmouth Football Club was the first to win this tournament.'
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