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Leather Football 1948






Contributor Name Portsmouth Football Club
Contributor Image richard_owen_web.jpg

Location Fratton
Collection Date 03.04.08 3.55pm
Artefact Name Leather Football
Artefact Description Football is stood on wooden plinth. Text on plinth reads ‘Presented by PFC league division champions 1948-9, 1949-50’ . Small metal (silver) shields (44) around the plinth with individual names engraved. Football has faded signatures on it.
Good condition – football needs blowing up! Shields are tarnished.
Artefact Date 1948
Artefact Stored Trophy cabinet
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00120_-_football.jpg
Sample Taken Thread from lace
Sample Image

History of Artefact It’s an original ball from 1948-9 season with the signatures of the first team (1948-9). Football stood on plinth. They won the league in two consecutive seasons. The shields display individual names. Two examples: ‘1950, 7th grade, J Mainwaring’; ‘J Hays 1962’; ‘M Fox 1966’.
'None of the names appear related to the club….they are not familiar names of players or supporters.'
Historian Richard Owen
Previous Owners None
Special Memories 'When you talk to the players from that era – they will tell you that a leather ball was very hard to head and when it was wet it was even heavier! It could even cut open your forehead.'
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