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Bert Barlow’s Contract at PFC 1939






Contributor Name Portsmouth Football Club
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Location Fratton
Collection Date 03.04.08 4.50pm
Artefact Name Bert Barlow’s Contract at PFC
Artefact Description Paper contract from 1939.
Fair condition. Stained, yellowing.Typed player’s contract.
Artefact Date 1939
Artefact Stored With his football jersey in storage cupboard
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Contract_correct_size.jpg
Sample Taken Paper from corner of top edge
Sample Image

History of Artefact Known as the players contract the contract is between PFC (John W. Tinn – PFC Manager at the time) and Bert Barlow.
Signed on the 24th February 1939. The contract was from 24.03.39 - 06.05.39. There are seven sections to the agreement.
‘The player was to receive a salary of £7 a week between Feb – May 1939. He would get an extra £1 a week for a win! £7 was a good salary for 1939, the average wage was £4 a week.’
Historian Richard Owen
Previous Owners Bert Barlow, his daughter, PFC
Special Memories

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