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Players Jigsaw Puzzle 1955






Contributor Name Portsmouth Football Club
Contributor Image richard_owen_web.jpg

Location Fratton
Collection Date 03.04.08 4.30pm
Artefact Name Players Jigsaw Puzzle
Artefact Description 1955-6 team are pictured. Good condition.
15 x 20cm approx. Made of plywood and paper. Colour photograph taken in front of the south stand.
Artefact Date 1955
Artefact Stored Storage cabinet PFC
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Jigsaw_correct_size.jpg
Sample Taken Cardboard from box
Sample Image

History of Artefact Its a photograph of the team taken in front of the south stand. It could have been mass-produced. Portsmouth Football Club didnt have a shop or any merchandise in the 1950s. Local manufacturers would make momento's and sell it.
The players in the photograph are: Norman Uprichard; Peter Harris; Phil Gunter; Jimmy Dickinson; Jack Henderson; Reg Pickett; Douggi Reid; Jack Mansell; Gordon Dale; Tommy Mc Ghee? ; Guy Rees
Historian Richard Owen
Previous Owners Unknown. Current owner Richard Owen
Special Memories I can see my seat in the stadium, in the photograph!
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