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Loving Cup 1937





Contributor Name Portsmouth Football Club
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Location Fratton
Collection Date 03.04.08 5pm
Artefact Name Loving Cup
Artefact Description Fair condition.Made of porcelain.
Includes a crest on front. Various images are painted on to the cup, one of them depicting a football match with a leather ball. Gold painted.
Artefact Date 1937
Artefact Stored In store
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Loving_Cup_correct_size.jpg
Sample Taken No sample
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History of Artefact It was made in 1937 to commemorate the King and Queen of England and to celebrate all sporting activities. The King and Queen had a particular interest in sport and supported events. Only twenty-seven were made. Twenty-two went to the twenty-two league clubs, one went to British Museum, one to FA- Football Association, one to the city of Stoke on Trent (they were made in Stoke) and the other two went to Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday who were relegated in that year.
'The tradition with this item is that each of the twenty-seven owners were told to use it on New Year’s Day or after the first, home, league game in January to drink to the health of the King and Queen and to sport. Portsmouth are one of the few clubs that follow this tradition – ‘we fill it with champagne after the game and it is taken to the Board.’
Historian Richard Owen
Previous Owners Portsmouth Football Club
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