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Headless Goose 1897






Contributor Name Cumberland House
Contributor Image Claire_Sturman_pic.jpg
Profession Natural History Officer
Location Southsea
Collection Date 02.06.08 1.10pm
Artefact Name Headless Goose
Artefact Description Brent Goose - female adult. Good condition but with no head! Bit of mould growth. It has a pin sticking out of the back right of the bird. Almost all feathers intact. Dull, grey feathers on the majority of the bird with cream feathers for the under-parts. Museum archive number TN1470.
Mounted on cloth and card with wooden base.
24cm x 58cm
Artefact Date 1897
Artefact Stored Cumberland House stores currently on the move!
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Archive_no_00125_Goose.jpg
Sample Taken Feathers from the neck
Sample Image

History of Artefact The goose was shot at Pagham Harbour, near Bognor Regis, by Mr B Harvey on 3rd February 1899. Subsequently it was bought by H.L.F Guermonprez at the Harveys sale in September 1900. It came from the Bognor Museum collection originally and was then transferred to Portsmouth Museum around 1979.
Historian Claire Sturman
Previous Owners Mr Harvey, H.L.F Guermonprez, Bognor Museum, Portsmouth Museum
Special Memories It gave me the shock of my life when I pulled it out of the cupboard! It has provoked lots of laughter and discussion about where its head may be! Claire Sturman - Historian
Artwork Image 00125_art.jpg

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