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Starfish 1846






Contributor Name Cumberland House
Contributor Image Claire_Sturman_pic.jpg

Location Southsea
Collection Date 02.06.08 1.40pm
Artefact Name Starfish
Artefact Description Twelve legged starfish. 12cm in diameter.
Poor condition and disintegrating underneath. Mounted on warped card.
Artefact Date 1846
Artefact Stored Stores at Cumberland House
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Archive_no_00126_Starfish.jpg
Sample Taken Flakes from the end of a tentacle
Sample Image

History of Artefact Collected in Hastings in January 1846 by W. Pell. It is possible that it came from Bognor Regis Museum.

‘The starfish have been re-boxed since I started working here. They have been placed within acid free tissue to protect them. We have more starfish in our collection here – some have nine legs, some have ten and others have twelve legs like this one.’ Claire Sturman - Historian
Historian Claire Sturman
Previous Owners W. Pell, Bognor Museum?
Special Memories

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