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Stove 1864



Contributor Name HMS Warrior
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Location Portsea
Collection Date 05.06.08 10.47am
Artefact Name Stove
Artefact Description Made of brass and cast iron, tiling on the sides and the front; a very decorative object. Coated with grate, wax, lead and graphite.
Moorwoods of Sheffield manufactured the object.
Artefact Date 1864
Artefact Stored Captain’s Day Cabin, HMS Warrior
Artefact Form

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Sample Taken no sample
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History of Artefact It was originally on HMS Agincourt – 1864. It has been on HMS Warrior since 1987 when the ship spent seven being restored in Hartlepool.
Historian Jane Skinner
Previous Owners HMS Agincourt
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