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Besom 1758





Contributor Name HMS Victory
Contributor Image Peter_Goodwin_pic.jpg

Location Portsea
Collection Date 05.06.08 2.50pm
Artefact Name Besom
Artefact Description Willow sticks and wooden handle. It could be Hazel. The brush is 60cm, the handle is 70cm and the diameter is 9cm.
Artefact Date 1758
Artefact Stored Foremast Sail room
Artefact Form

Artefact Image besom_1.jpg
Sample Taken Twigs from besom
Sample Image

History of Artefact This is the original Breaning Besom recovered from the wreck-site (in the 1980s) of HMS Invincible which sank off Portsmouth in 1758. HMS Victory had the same kind of Besom brushes approximately two hundred. They were used to burn off barnacles from the bottom of the ship this process would be repeated every six months. The Besom would be dipped in tar, set alight and then used to burn the bottom of the ship. They were also used to clean the ship.
Historian Peter Goodwin
Previous Owners HMS Invincible
Special Memories They were brought to the ship in the 1990s to enhance interpretation.
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