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Oakum 1988






Contributor Name HMS Victory
Contributor Image Peter_Goodwin_pic.jpg

Location Portsea
Collection Date 05.06.08 3.10pm
Artefact Name Oakum
Artefact Description Mass of fibres. 40 x 25cm in mass. Deep brown / black in colour. Wire-like fibres.
Artefact Date 1988
Artefact Stored Boatswain store, HMS Victory
Artefact Form

Artefact Image oakum1.jpg
Sample Taken Fibres from the side
Sample Image

History of Artefact Old rope teased out using fingernails to produce a fibrous mass that was soaked in tallow and tar. It was used to seam the deck planking and was covered in ‘pitch’. The rope was rammed in with a caulking iron and hammer.

‘The dockyard caulkers would get paid one shilling per hundred foot of caulking! Poorhouse workers and prisoners would be made to do the job sometimes as punishment. They are still making Oakum at Chatham Dockyard.’
Historian - Peter Goodwin
Historian Peter Goodwin
Previous Owners None
Special Memories

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