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Admiral Corn Wallis’s Chair 1790





Contributor Name HMS Victory
Contributor Image Peter_Goodwin_pic.jpg

Location Portsea
Collection Date 05.06.08 4.46pm
Artefact Name Admiral Corn Wallis’s Chair
Artefact Description Plain seated hall chairs. Sabre legs. Shell backs with an engraving of a stag which is the insignia of the family of Corn Wallis.
Good condition. There are six chairs in total.
Artefact Date 1790
Artefact Stored Captain’s Day Cabin, HMS Victory
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Wallis_Chair.jpg
Sample Taken No sample
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History of Artefact The chairs belonged to Admiral Corn Wallis. They are Hall chairs originally for footmen. They were probably put on the ship because they were relatively cheap to buy. They were sent to Victory to be given to Corn Wallis because this was going to be his flagship. Nelson came to join the ship because Corn Wallis wasn’t ready. The Victory sailed from Portsmouth with his chairs and personal belongings on it.
Historian Peter Goodwin
Previous Owners Admiral Corn Wallis
Special Memories ‘The seats are plain and glossy because the servants who used them could have had fleas!’
Historian - Peter Goodwin
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