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Mary Rose Crest 1511






Contributor Name Mary Rose
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Location Portsea
Collection Date 06.06.08 9.55am
Artefact Name Mary Rose Crest
Artefact Description The Crest from the Bow of the ship. Approx. 110cm in length. Made of oak. Poor condition. It is kept in water in a tank. The ‘Rose’ motif has been carved into the wood.
Artefact Date 1511
Artefact Stored In conservation tank in the Mary Rose Museum
Artefact Form

Artefact Image crest_mary_rose.jpg
Sample Taken Wood chips from the side of the Crest (Bow of ship)
Sample Image

History of Artefact This part of the ship was found in 2005.
The Ministry Of Defence funded a series of excavations and this was found during one of these in 2005 – an anchor, some rigging, a stamp-post (curved front of the ship), other parts of the main ship and various other objects were found.

‘During the 2005 dive this was found. It was one of first major excavations since 1982.’
Historian - Andy Elkerton
Historian Andy Elkerton
Previous Owners Henry VIII
Special Memories

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