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Backgammon Set 1545






Contributor Name Mary Rose
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Location Portsea
Collection Date 06.06.08 10.55am
Artefact Name Backgammon Set
Artefact Description Oak frame inlaid with Spruce and Ewe. There are six whole counters and two that are fragmented. The gaming counters are made of Poplar.
Measurements of the board are 57.2cm x 48cm x 2cm. Weight is 1.9kg.
Artefact Date 1545
Artefact Stored In Mary Rose Museum
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Backgammon_set.jpg
Sample Taken Chips and flakes from the side of a backgammon counter
Sample Image

History of Artefact It belonged to Mary Rose’s carpenter. It is the oldest item like this in Europe.

‘When it was first found in the carpenter’s cabin we thought it was a window shutter. It was propped up against the side of the ship but when we moved it we could see it was solid wood. It was closed up – but we still didn’t know what it was! We were looking at it one evening on the diving vessel and realised what it actually was. We were amazed to find a Backgammon set! It was an amazing and unexpected find.’
Historian - Andy Elkerton
Historian Andy Elkerton
Previous Owners Mary Rose's carpenter
Special Memories Andy Elkerton was with the dive in 1981 when this item was found. He took the objects from the divers during the excavation. The diver who recovered it was Colin MCKewan.
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