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Pair of Shoes 1545






Contributor Name Mary Rose
Contributor Image Andy_Elkerton.jpg

Location Portsea
Collection Date 06.06.08 2.23pm
Artefact Name Pair of Shoes
Artefact Description A pair of leather slip-on shoes.
27.5 x 9.6cm. Could be size 7.
Good condition. Left shoe has been cut to ease the pain of a bunion. Dark brown in colour.
Artefact Date 1545
Artefact Stored Mary Rose store
Artefact Form

Artefact Image Pair_shoes.jpg
Sample Taken Leather from inside of left shoe
Sample Image

History of Artefact Found on the Orlop deck on the ship in 1982. there were hundreds of shoes found in the excavation. Some of the crew (whole skeletons) were found with their shoes still on. There were varying styles of shoes. Everyone had a pair of shoes but a lot had holes in them. They were not always the latest in fashion at the time.
Historian Andy Elkerton
Previous Owners A seaman
Special Memories ‘When you see the shoes lined up in the store it conveys the depth of the tragedy and the loss of almost six hundred men. There were between twelve and thirty survivors. One was Dutch and called Fleming.’
Andy Elkerton - Historian
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