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Dog Skull 1545






Contributor Name Mary Rose
Contributor Image Andy_Elkerton.jpg

Location Portsea
Collection Date 06.06.08 3.30pm
Artefact Name Dog Skull
Artefact Description A skull belonging to a dog that was female and a mongrel. The dimensions are 16.8 x 9 cm. The dog would have been 47cm tall at the shoulders.
Artefact Date 1545
Artefact Stored Mary Rose store
Artefact Form

Artefact Image dog_skull.jpg
Sample Taken Flakes from underside of skull
Sample Image

History of Artefact The whole dog is in the collection! It was found trapped in the sliding door of the carpenter’s cabin. It was the only dog found. A rat and various insects were also found.
It would probably have been a ratter.
Historian Andy Elkerton
Previous Owners Carpenter on Mary Rose
Special Memories

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