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Shell Hoist 1941






Contributor Name Spitbank Fort
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Location Solent – one mile out to sea.
Collection Date 11.09.08 1.20pm
Artefact Name Shell Hoist
Artefact Description Rotten wood. Teak. Poor condition.
Height 30ft x width 12ft x depth 2ft
Artefact Date 1941
Artefact Stored In original place – the Shell Hoist.
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00160_Shell_Hoist_Re-size.jpg
Sample Taken Wood from top edge of frame
Sample Image

History of Artefact The Shell Hoist was broken through the Fort in 1941 to provide a hoist for shells that were kept in the basement. It goes through the whole structure of the Fort to the roof. The shells were to be provided for ‘anti-ship’ 6 inch guns – breach loaders for the defence of Portsmouth in the second world war. There was never a shot fired in anger.
Historian Neale Brickwood
Previous Owners Ministry of Defence
Special Memories

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