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Shell Store Flooring 1871






Contributor Name Spitbank Fort
Contributor Image Nealeweb_jpg_copy.jpg

Location Solent - one mile out to sea
Collection Date 11.09.08 2.40pm
Artefact Name Shell Store Flooring
Artefact Description Piece of wood from original 1871 shell store flooring. The room measures15ft x 10ft. Still in good condition apart from the piece that came off for the sample!
Artefact Date 1871
Artefact Stored Original location
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00161_floor_re-size.jpg
Sample Taken Pitch pine
Sample Image

History of Artefact This is the only room out of forty that was dry enough for the flooring to be retained. All of the others have rotted away. The room was used for storing eight hundred pound shells – the weight of five people. These shells were for the original 38 tonne cannons. The room is in the lower basement of the fort which is twelve foot above sea level. It follows the Fort’s circular layout with passages and rooms going off directly to the left.
Historian Neale Brickwood
Previous Owners Ministry of Defence
Special Memories ‘Most Haunted’ came and investigated through the night in 2006 and they considered there to be a psychic energy and paranormal activity in the passageway.
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