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Cooking Range 1870






Contributor Name Spitbank Fort
Contributor Image Nealeweb_jpg_copy.jpg

Location Solent - one mile out to sea
Collection Date 11.09.08 2.45pm
Artefact Name Cooking Range
Artefact Description Good condition but not functional. 6ft x 2 ft 6" x 2ft. Solid cast iron. Ovens and hobs.
Artefact Date 1870
Artefact Stored Kitchen
Artefact Form

Artefact Image 00162_Cooker_re-size.jpg
Sample Taken Rust from inside right oven
Sample Image

History of Artefact Original prototype of the Aga with two ovens and three cooking plates. It was fuelled by wood or coal. It had to serve food for a hundred and sixty-two men, three times a day. It is located in the original kitchen 12ft x 8ft and a slightly wedge-shaped room.
Historian Neale Brickwood
Previous Owners Ministry of Defence
Special Memories

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Amazing image, never look like you expect them to

-- Neale Brickwood - 18 Feb 2009


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